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About Acupuncture – Chinese Theory

Acupuncture is just one element of a whole spectrum of treatments known as Traditional Chinese Medicine. Along with herbs, Gua sha, Cupping, electroacupuncture, auricular acupuncture, massage and dietry advice it is one of the most ancient systems of medical treatment known to mankind and the origins of Traditional Chinese Medicine dates back to at least 2,000 years ago. The fact that it still survives today gives credence to its efficacy.

Acupuncture is the process of inserting ultra fine, single use sterile needles into specific acupuncture points to move vital energy known as QI which flows through acupuncture meridians in the body. When this natural flow of QI is impeded, illness, disease and pain can occur. Think of it like a blocked river damn that needs to be cleared to aid it to flow freely and calmly. 

Acupuncture promotes and restores the balance of energy, which triggers the body’s natural healing response.   

For more than 2000 years acupuncture has been traditionally used to prevent, diagnose and treat all manner of illness, pain and disease. Please click on the "read about acupuncture" link on the right of this page or visit the British Acupuncture Council website for further research and medical based evidence on how acupuncture can help you or contact Faye for an informal chat. 

Western theory

One major hypothesis is that acupuncture works through neuro-hormonal pathways. The needles stimulate nerves, which send signals to the brain, which in turn releases neural hormones such as beta-Endorphins. Another hypothesis suggests that acupuncture reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines, which reduce inflammation and pain.

Faye Hopcraft Acupuncture also sells Moxibustion self care kits, Aromatherapy products including candles, room sprays, pillow spritz's and individually tailored massage blends along with Chinese herbal teas which can be incorporated into your treatment plan. These are displayed in the treatment clinic and are sold at a reduced cost to her patients.



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