Treatment Room

Faye's clinic is situated in a quiet 'no through' road only seconds from the sea on the East beach side of Selsey in West Sussex. Faye's clinic is a custom built log cabin style dwelling at the rear of her garden which creates a serene and relaxing atmosphere for her patients to begin their healing journey in. The main noise heard there are the birds and the waves. It is the upmost importance to Faye that all of her patients feel understood, valued and listened too without any judgement. Faye see's a large variety of illnesses from musculoskeletal disorders, emotional disorders, Infertility problems, neurological disorders and general pain relief including weight loss and smoking cessation to name but a few. Faye is passionate about her profession, her knowledge is extensive in both Western and Eastern medicine and she regularly keeps up to date with the current research in both types of medicine and she believes that both medicines can work side by side in harmony.

Faye Hopcraft Acupuncture is delighted to welcome you to your own personalised healing journey.

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