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Gua Sha Therapy

Gua Sha is a Medicinal technique used by practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Gua Sha is used to remove blood stagnation that blocks the surface tissues impeding organ and immune function. It involves palpation stimulation where the skin is pressured by using strokes with a round edged instrument. Faye uses a pure Jade tool from China. This can result in the appearance of red patches called 'sha', that will fade within 2 to 7 days depending on the level of stagnation/pain in the treatment area but can sometimes last longer and this will be discussed prior to administration of this treatment . Raising Sha removes blood stagnation and pain. Gua Sha treatments are not painful. As the body is scraped it pushes a build-up of fluid ahead of it, and after it passes, it leaves an indention or vacuum behind which draws toxic fluid out to the surface of the skin from deep within the tissue. Gua Sha creates suction on the skin that pulls stagnant intercellular fluid to the surface, removing toxic debris, and replacing it with fresh oxygenated, nutrient rich fluid, which in turn accelerates regeneration and revitalizes the region.


Patients who recieve Gua Sha often experience immediate pain relief and find the whole experience to be relaxing and comforting, often asking for the procedure to be repeated on subsequent appointments for this reason. If Gua Sha is necessary for your treatment Faye will explain the procedure in full. 

Please note that all of the Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques mentioned which include Gua sha, Cupping, Moxibustion and Electroacupuncture are all included in the standard acupucture price of £50 per session and will not be charged as an extra cost to you.

Gua Sha was originally used to just treat colds and flu as well as to maintain good health and many elderly people in China used it for health maintenance. Gua Sha stimulates your Qi (energy) and blood to remove stagnations which cause pain and to dispel pathogens within your body and these days it is commonly used for joint conditions such as shoulder, back, knee and neck problems. Other conditions for which it is used include asthma, bronchitis, headaches, high blood pressure, loose bowels, insomnia and post-viral syndromes.



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NHS and emergency service workers are entitled to a discount on all treatments.

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Some kind words from my clients

  •  I first received Gua Sha during an acupuncture treatment for my painful neck and shoulders. Faye explained the process in full prior to the treatment and explained that Gua Sha can leave some marking on the skin for a few days afterwards. What a difference it made to my pain levels after treatment, my neck and shoulders were not as stiff and painful and it completely got rid of the headaches I was experiencing. The whole experience was relaxing and not painful. Gua Sha is the best form of massage I have ever had - Amanda K - London

  • Well what can I say about Faye Hopcraft Acupuncture, I went to see Faye with a terribly painful knee that had been going on for ages. My Doctor had told me that nothing could be done and that it was just a sign of getting old!, Faye sorted it after just 2 treatments. I now have a painful shoulder that Faye is now treating me for with very good results. The treatment is pain free and Faye always makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable. I can’t recommend her highly enough.
    Adam Brown – Selsey

  • Having, over the years, experienced more than one acupuncturist, I am so glad to have found Faye. I initially went for a long-term back problem, hip pain and  insomnia which has now all been relieved. I now visit her fortnightly as part of my general healthcare routine as she relaxes me with her friendly and confident nature and, as an 82 year old, I find her treatments enable me to stay active and positive about my health and general wellbeing. I actually fall asleep during every treatment and I never want to get off of her warmed treatment couch at the end of each session!.
    Margaret M – West Wittering

  • I saw Faye for a series of acupuncture sessions earlier this year and from start to finish she was absolutely brilliant. Not only is she incredibly knowledgeable but she is deeply passionate about what she does. I felt very safe with her treating me (as someone who has a slight aversion to needles!), but at all times she was a total professional and extremely kind. She explained why she was doing things and included me in my treatment plan. She was very patient and calming, and as a result meant I got the best out of my sessions with her. As an experienced holistic therapist she also brought in all her knowledge from other areas too, which made my treatment feel whole. I would not hesitate for a moment to recommend her, and if you have any doubts about getting acupuncture, don't! You definitely wont regret seeing Faye
    Philippa Ryland - London

  • I contacted Faye after my newly acquired cat from Cyprus gave me a bite to my hand. It was at the weekend and my GP surgery was closed and I did not want to go to A&E. My hand was hot, red and swollen and very painful. Faye fitted me in last minute on a Saturday evening and I was amazed how the treatment gave me instant relief. I now have regular acupuncture and cupping therapy for other health issues that I have. Faye’s treatment room is such a lovely, relaxing place to be with dimmed lighting, music and a warming treatment couch which is so comfortable. I really look forward to my treatments and often doze off once the needles are in. I just love her calming nature.
    Janice J – Tangmere, Chichester